Handicapping and Competitions

The competitions and handicapping module of Freetime is CONGU licenced.


It provides a golf club with the administration software it needs to organise and process competitions and update member’s handicaps in accordance with CONGU regulations.

The software supports the playing and administering of the full range of qualifying competitions, under the CONGU Unified Handicapping System.


Clubs are able to streamline the operation of competitions (reducing needless administration) and improve the player experience and participation: entries via console or online, score input using the same console, online and in house results services. Freetime will sort entrants and make the draw, publish the results and update the handicap records making the whole event run smoother.


The module provides a number of score analysis options.


The integration of Freetime ensures that administrators and handicap conveners do not have to navigate multiple systems in order to update and manage competitions and handicaps.


As the rules governing handicaps have become more complex and the rule books ever thicker, the task of managing competitions and handicaps has become increasingly difficult, that is why within our team we have a wealth of golf knowledge and experience which enables us to quickly understand and diagnose the changes and to find the best solution quickly.

Put your software needs in the hands of experienced practioners.

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